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The Problem With Writing Paragraphs and Essays

“Writing paragraphs and essays makes me ill,” says Wendy, a senior high school student and newly immigrated citizen to Canada. Writing in English takes some work and Wendy was very anxious about her writing skills. Most students are inadequate inside their writing skills to communicate effectively and to create themselves clearly understood. They generally start with weak paragraph structure and move forward to poorly written essays. Moreover, the amount of practice actually done in class is inadequate to allow them to master the essential skills of writing. Wendy’s problem is two parts as she has a second language barrier along with the lack of adequate training in the subject.

At first, the duty of overcoming the essential fear of writers block and empty pages might seem an excessive amount of for many students to face. Their intellectual and imagination faculties are generally in inadequate condition. Early inside their elementary school training when daydreaming was a student’s favorite pastime, the notion was scolded out of these with threats of punishment. However, that little faculty happens to be among the most important gems in the writing process. For instance, I was dealing with a grade five student the other day and asked him to write a simple paragraph about his favorite food. You realize, he could not imagine himself eating it and therefore could not describe the feeling. Wow! He had lost his ability to pretend and visualize. Imagination is the most important creative element in writing.

As students continue through elementary school and move on to senior high school, their imagination skills and writing skills get worse. Why? They’ve been told to prevent daydreaming or face severe punishment. They’ve been told to manage reality and stop fantasizing. They’ve been so thoroughly disabused of creative imagination and so robotically trained to write about other peoples’works which they often cannot develop their own ideas on given topic. Moreover, they lack the tools necessary to help themselves over this frustrating hurtle.

By the ninth grade, most students are apathetic about writing. This, I discovered when I interviewed dozens of students coming to my tutoring center for help in the subject. For instance, many would just frown or sneer when I mentioned, we were going to understand about paragraph or essay writers. Their attitude was so bad I’d to coax them with gentle persuasion just to choose a topic. It looked hopeless!

Something must change to reverse this trend. We cannot keep turning out apathetic students and then as though by magic expect them to become transformed if they reach senior high. The grade twelve-diploma requirement in English demands that the student write a brief essay on confirmed topic in class within their final exam. College and university entrance expect these skills as mandatory enrollment requirement and test each student. With out a solution, the common student does have no hope of passing.

Can High School Students Expect To Become Good Essay Writers?

Essay writing begins with language arts basics training, imagination stimulation, and organized grammatical structural guidance. All valuable structures start with a strong foundation, plan and quality support. The main topic of essay writing is this type of structure and its goal works well communication.

Students need a step-by-step instructional format that proofs them up against confusion, insufficient imagination and the shortcoming to argue an opinion successfully. The point is to obtain the agreement from the reader and a great academic response by the teacher. The writing levels are too low for the common senior high school student and demand a new approach to tutoring. Students can figure out how to become good essay writers, even great essay writers with a new approach to instruction.